The Imo State governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has defended his membership of the All Progressive Congress [APC] in far away Atlanta, USA, declaring that the future political fortunes of Ndigbo are better served in the new mega political party.In an apparent reaction to a purported suspension by a faction of APGA, he said during a Town Hall Meeting of the Imo State Congress of America 2013 National Convention that the well being of Ndigbo remains paramount in all his action and would continue to take steps to assist Igbos to regain their rightful place in the political equation of Nigeria.  APC remains the best vehicle to promote the interest of our people.  PDP has marginalized the South-East and has nothing to show for all it years in power.Governor Okorocha urged Ndigbo to embrace the APC because it guarantees equity and political opportunities served by the ruling party.He said the purported action of a faction of APGA is of little political consequence as the party lacks the national spread to ensure Igbos make significant headway in the political leadership of the nation.He described the APC as a national party made up of progressive elements determined to ensure equitable distribution of political office to all tribes in the country.

The governor said that as one of the tripods on which the country stands, the APC was to redress the injustices to Ndigbo made by the PDP and urged all progressives South Easterners to line up behind the new party and ensure it produces the next leaders of the country at all levels.?Igbos have not produced the president, vice president, senate president, speaker of the house of representative, the chief Justice of the federation but I am confident under APC, one or more of these positions will come to the South East? Okorocha said.Governor Okorocha therefore urged the Ndigbo to channel their energies and resources towards the development of their homeland and suggested a set date for Nigerians in the Diaspora to return home.?Our people should learn to leave America and return home at a certain date to contribute meaningfully to the development of our dear state?, he said.He pledged the commitment of his administration towards providing enabling environment to assist those willing to return home. 

?My administration has embraced on projects that have significantly improved infrastructure in the state and has tackled the issue of security such that for the past six months, the issues of kidnapping and other social vices have reduced significantly? he affirmed.He challenged those really interested in tapping the potential of the state to partner with his administration for mutual benefit.Governor Okorocha warned Igbos in the Diaspora to guard against greed and corruption, and urged them to lend a hand to the less privileged in the society.  He advised them to use their influence and resources to make positive and significant improvement in the lives of the poor back home.He was later hosted to a gala night at the newly commissioned first ever Igbo Center in Atlanta, Georgia USA


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