Google has launched a new Google+ application giving in-depth review for iOS terminals. The web giant has made the iOS platform look simply nicer, more pleasant and above all easier to use.

After a quite radical change in the Web interface of its social network, Google+, and its integration with Gmail, Google addresses its applications for the iOS. The photos appear to have been in the spotlight, the Mountain View company says it has simplified the reading flows through the application, while being much faster. When you make content, it appears now as if floating above the stream.

Google updated the application, but with a very important reason: to create an experience “simpler and more beautiful. This update gives a 180 degree change to the version of Google+ for IOS platform, bringing with very practical features and a new design.

The first significant difference is a new graphic theme that takes a darkly stained in contrast to the previous one which used light backgrounds.

Even more pronounced differences are detectable in view of the stream of posts that are no longer displayed as a simple list on a white background, but using miniature whose contents vary depending on the content of the post. If the post is a photo or video, which fills most of the miniature screen it will be based on such content, the new UI will continue after the break.

With this update Google seeks to create a Google + that is more intuitive, inviting you to plunge into its contents. In this application for iOS, Google created a carousel of photos and news that does exactly what we said as users are invited to explore the content.

Among the improvements include an improved font, easier usage, better style and design elements. Google also changed the way you see the photos in profile, these are larger and friendly to the screens of our computers.

Not only is design and style, Google also took pains to provide more speed and fluidity to the application. The positions of buttons, like +1, will now be better placed to make work easier to share and give +1 to what is published to ‘your circles’.

The application makes up a very good update that as well provides a much more refined interface, it also offers an interface change that enhances and amplifies the use of the application. And for those who think only iOS terminals benefit from this update, Google finished its post teasing and explaining that Android will arrive in the coming weeks “with a few surprises in the key.”

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