Dr Albert Brown-Gaisie, Chief Fire Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) on Wednesday commissioned three multi-purpose fire tenders intended to offer urban search and rescue (USAR) services within the Greater Accra Region.

fire tendersThe tenders would be used for road traffic accidents extrication and fire fighting as well.

USAR is a term of a group of specialised skill used to form a team with capabilities that include search, medical and structural assessment capacity. It involves the location, rescue and initial medical stabilisation of victims trapped in confined spaces.

Dr Brown-Gaisie said the three appliances would help rescue victims trapped in accident vehicles or in collapse buildings as well as offer fire fighting services when needed.

He said the three tenders would be stationed at the Accra-Amasaman, Weija-Kasoa to cater for -rescue missions on the western parts, and on Abeka-Motorway to cater for part of the Volta region,

Dr Brown-Gaisie said he decided to introduce the initiative which is currently to be introduced on pilot basis in the Greater Accra Region and later be replicated in all accident prone areas within the 10 regions to assist in rescuing victims of accidents in a more professional way.

He said most often people who go in to assist in rescuing accident victims to hospitals and other health post use wrong tools like pick axe, hammers, and saws, to open up spaces and rescue victims which most of the time exacerbate the pain of victims and sometimes cause them their lives.

Dr Brown-Gaisie, however, expressed concern over the springing up of high rise buildings which are being built without emergency exits, and right contingency measures to help rescue victims when disaster strikes.

He, therefore, appealed to property owners and estate developers to all come on board and help the state acquire the equipments that can help make rescue mission easily.



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