Gmail chat: Future of web applications
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L-R: Mr Femi Babajide Marketing Development Manager), Mr. Stanley Muoneke (Intel Business Development Manager), Mr. Bunmi Ekundare Country Manager West Africa), all of Intel Mrs. Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke (Head IT, Samsung), Mr. Babatunde Robinson Channel Rep.), Mr. Will Anyaegbunam (Managing Director, Beta Computer) during the introduction of Ultra Book recently.
Photo: The Sun Publishing
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In reiterating its commitment in training and retraining for empowerment, google brought together hundreds of tech savvy entrepreneurs, developers and journalists recently to impact training on the internet.
Participants got the opportunity to discuss the future of web application development, receive training on Google’s products and learn about online business skills.

It will be recalled that  the conference was the latest in a series of interactive forums and tech days that Google has been holding across Africa over the past 18 months, to promote innovation and business in the region.

One of the notable highlights of the g|Nigeria event was the launch of Gmail Chat SMS. This new feature allows users to use Gmail Chat to communicate between all mobile phones and platforms, even if they are offline or have an SMS and voice only phone. The new products also allow users to receive Google+ SMS notifications and post status updates via SMS, and will ensure that the users are always connected with the people in their circles.

The third annual g|Nigeria event reemphasizes Google’s commitment to making the web more relevant to the everyday Nigerian. The conference featured capacity-building sessions for top-tier journalists, news webmasters software developers, and business owners. The sessions were focused on showing Nigerians new opportunities to make money from the Internet. Attendees were able to explore Google’s platforms through a combination of tech talks, breakout sessions and code-labs run by engineers and business teams from across the globe.

Juliet Ehimuan, the Country Manager for Google Nigeria and Nelson Mattos, the Vice President of EMEA Product Management and Engineering for Google noted that the conference content included Google’s developer and business technologies, ranging from established products such as Google Maps and YouTube, to brand-new Google innovations such as GMail Chat SMS, Trader SMS and Google+ SMS products.
“Google is excited about the third annual g|Nigeria conference, and about the opportunity to bring new innovations to Nigeria. The conference will inform developers and businesses on relevant ways to make the most of the web and broaden the range of technical skills relevant to today’s technology landscape.”

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