If you were asked by your bank through mail to confirm your identity, saying “we suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account or we couldn’t verify your information while regular account auditing or our records indicate that your account was over charged, etc.”, ‘what will you do?’, would you go by the message, or will you get in touch with your bank for further clarification? As per prevailing environment where Internet attacks are growing day by day, such emails should be vehemently deleted from the Inbox. You should not pay heed to those, and report to your bank as “Fraud”. These can be a malaise ploy of fraudsters to sneak into your personal information and take benefit of it. The attempt could be an infringement of computer security, and attackers may try to take hold of your email and messenger system to infect other’s computers or networks.

Norton Security from Symantec is a reliable product series meant for home users.

Norton in its current edition of 2012 seems to be getting matured enough to deal with the evolving Internet threats. Developer claims that advanced SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection will give better real-time protection to digital assets by quickly detecting and removing Internet threats. It boasts about features like vulnerability protection (to discourage cybercriminals from using security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications to sneak threats onto your PC.), browser protection (to keep check on malware before they could load on the browser, and take initiate to damage software and data), Norton Identity Safe (to make sure that keyloggers don’t take note of your keyboard activities, it will store user names and passwords and will act automatically to get logged in to a website of your choice), Norton Protection System (to provide proactive protection to your system before online threats can infect your computer), etc.

Would you like to install Norton on the base of the above assertion by vendor? Well, you might have doubt regarding the ground performance of the product.

Going with vendors’ recommendation, can prove wrong sometimes, as everyone likes to give the apparent benefits, while conceding the negative aspects. So listen what software testing agencies have to say about the Norton security products. In the ‘Real-World-Test’ what AV-Comparatives names its test, conducted in August, 2011, Norton Internet Security 2012 Pre-release stood first among the 13 participants securing 94 percent in terms of protection and remediation. The same product has also been certified by AV-Test in a recent testing held in January/February, 2012, but this time it was the full version. It was rated above average in the test in the 3 parameters, viz. protection, repair and usability with 6, 4.5 and 4.5 points respectively out of total 6. In both the tests level-play ground is assigned, in terms of conditions. Products are allowed to come up against same malware samples on physical machines bearing the same configuration. The Internet is made available to all tested products that use the cloud as part of their protection strategy. Products are subjected to fake antiviruses and secure files both. Experts also take note of the user-interface and the impact of the product on the system performance.

To make sure you get smooth performance from your Norton products, experts’ services is available from Norton Support portal. Experts can diagnose the problems with any of the Norton software; assess Windows Event Viewer, Registry Settings, Task Manager, etc. to find the root cause, and can take desired troubleshooting methodologies to fix those. At times, experts need to uninstall Norton from your machine, and restore it back with its entire components to terminate problems.

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