Vocational training School
Vocational training School

Mrs. Barbara Asher Ayisi, a Deputy Minister in- charge of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET), has called on Ghanaians to remain steadfast in Government’s determination to build a nation that works for everybody and not a privileged few.

Mrs. Ayisi indicated that the country would only make a quantum leap in its development drive when it channelled all its arsenals into productive ventures regardless of one’s geographical location or political differences.

She therefore called on all to give strong backing to the government as it rolled out its carefully thought out policies and programs to fight poverty and make things better.

The Deputy Minister was speaking at at the Victory Bible Church International, Family Sanctuary, in Cape Coast.

She said Ghana’s slow economic growth rate, mass unemployment and inadequate supply of basic social amenities were due to over-dependence on other countries and said it was time “every person in Ghana” supported government’s vision irrespective of political affiliation to “maximize the welfare and happiness” of all.

Touching on education, the Deputy sector Minister, said there was no doubt that the free senior high school (SHS) policy had brought tremendous financial relief to parents and expanded access to SHS education.

She reiterated Government’s commitment to sustain the free education initiative with various financial outflows including oil revenues.

The Government was also working to improve technical and vocational training, an important tool that had sparked development in other countries, hence the need to rebrand the sector to make it more relevant and attractive.

She appealed to the youth not to make it a profession for losers.

The Ministry was working hard to ensure that linkages between training institutions and industry were strengthened, so that TVET graduates were seamlessly absorbed into industry.

The Government was putting in place strategic policies to systematically explore the human and natural resource base of the country and make it self-reliant.

Giving her personal life experiences, she recounted how her Mother always urged her to be strong and determined to support her in the absence of her father.

She lauded the pioneering role of African women in the moral upbringing of children, serving as strong pillars for the sustenance of most families.

Mrs. Ayisi who doubles as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Cape Coast North asked women to soberly reflect on the significance of the celebration of Mother’s Day to uphold the common good of society.

She urged mothers to keep up the good work in caring for their children even in the face of challenges.



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