President John Mahama has told the 71sth UN assembly currently ongoing in New York, USA, that Ghana, his home country, is a success story like many others on the African continent.

According to him, the Western world must acknowledge and appreciate that the various countries in Africa are at various stages of development and are genuinely yearning to grow.

He bemoaned instances where some powerful nations in the world in a bid to promote democracy on the continent, have forced their way on African countries, describing such moves as unhealthy.

Mr. Mahama who is facing an election in December said Ghana has made tremendous progress since independence.

“Africa is making progress and it is happening fast. It is important to note that the various 54 countries on the continent are at various stages of development and growth…And my own country Ghana is an example.

“I am proud of my country Ghana, it is part of Africa’s success story, we have not looked back since independence. Ghana has a fiercely independent media and I joke among my colleagues that in Ghana, I have over 27 million presidents each thinking that they know my job more than myself. And every morning on radio, you have people calling in and showing me how to run the country. In December, Ghana has yet another election and we will prove to the world yet again that we are a world class democracy” Mr. Mahama stated.



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