President Mahama, the head of the ?NDC Team C? government has now mustered courage to sack one of his hostile, corrupt, incompetent, mediocre, illogically loquacious and disgraceful Ministers, Ms. Victoria Hammah ?- Deputy Communications Minister.
President John Mahama
President John Mahama
As I said elsewhere, there has started a ferocious conflagration in the government of John Dramani Mahama, alias ?President Ede bii keke?. The axe of God has started falling on the heads of these most corrupt, if not most useless people ever to lead Ghana. The ?Fire of Pentecost? has come to burn them instead of coming to bless them, as evil as President Mahama and his bunch of clueless government appointees are.
At least, it is good news to hear that Mahama has found rigid balls to sack one of the members of his Ghanaian version of the Arabian ?Ali Baba and his forty Thieves? in government. Many have said on various platforms that the President Mills/Mahama and President Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC-led governments are driving Ghana into a ditch, if they have not already driven it into an abyss. They are too corrupt, aimless, and total misfits to govern Ghana.
Now that Mahama has started sacking his Ministers for not only being corrupt but revealing the secrets of his ascension to the presidency, one would only hope that he will continue with it until sanity is brought into the governance of Ghana.? One will also only hope that Ghanaians will quicken any initiated efforts, public demonstrations of course, to rid Ghana of President Mahama, the head of the most corrupt government in the annals of Ghana politics.
It is only when the head is sane that the whole body is well. When the head is seriously sick, the illness infiltrates the entire body, so it is with President Mahama?s government. If Mahama was not corrupt but a decent man of integrity, he could long ago have curtailed, if not eliminated, the corruption in his government and party but because he is, here we are that his Ministers have stolen the entire nation?s money.
All discerning Ghanaians the world over with the respectable learned ones inclusive, are asking John Dramani Mahama to check to eliminate the official corruption being perpetrated by him and his government. Ghana is broke because of the useless administration we have in place.
I SHALL only be satisfied if Mahama checks himself out of government. He is far too corrupt to reform. He is unfit to lead Ghana because he is clueless in the post, unable to determine the directional bearings of his government to alleviate the plight of the suffering Ghanaian masses.
A country is not governed through the offer of bribe to people to defend you, telling the governed black is white when it is obviously seen by all to be black. This is exactly what President Mahama is doing through the malicious NDC radio station phone-in serial callers.
I am calling on Ghanaians to mobilise themselves to get rid of John Mahama and his NDC government because the corruption they are perpetrating is killing Ghana. By his actions and inactions, he has reversed the gains of Ghana under former President Kufour.
Mahama, as I have said in my previous write-ups, was not born to lead. He has not wherewithal to lead, and that is obvious. He is not in control of his government when it comes to good governance but when it has to do with graft, yes he is.
Has Atuguba seen the disservice he has done to both President Mahama and Ghanaians? If he had delivered the gospel truth verdict, Mahama would not be on the political spectrum to suffer the wrath of Ghanaians. Ghanaians would not be in the sinking ship steered by Mahama and he, Atuguba, would not be subjected to public insults and humiliation. What a scenario of ?A child that cries the whole night to keep his/her mum wide awake throughout the night. He/she will also not be allowed to stay during the day?
Stay tuned for more info from Rockson Adofo, the ?No nonsense man? from Kumawu/Asiampa, the self-styled defender of the defenceless and the voice of the suffering masses in Ghana.
I dedicate this article to Afua Pokuaa, alias VIM LADY of Adom FM radio station, Ghana. Afua, keep up the good job and use your medium to spread my good tidings and warnings to Ghanaians. I salute the staff of Ghanaweb, Modernghana and SpyGhana for helping me propagate my views about Ghana. ?We are all fighting the good battle together.
The Ghana Media if you want, you could help rid Ghana of corruption. If you had not aired the secretly recorded conversations by Ms Victoria Hammah, she would still be in government to continue to embezzle public funds until she got the targeted US$1 Million into her bank accounts.


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