Barely had Nana Akufo Addo declared his intention to contest the NPP flagbearership later this year when the NDC automatically switched into fifth gear. They had prior to Thursday 20 March 2014, greased their propaganda machine, minutely inspected every part of it to ensure perfect functionality. They were only waiting patiently for Nana Akufo Addo to make any announcement of desire to contest future NPP elections to pounce on him as does the hawk to chicks and a lion or a predator to its prey.
Yaw Boateng Gyan and Johnson Asiedu Nketiah were the first from the NDC party to come out with utterly preposterous analyses which speak of how the NDC family sees Ghanaians. With all their stinking ongoing “create, loot and share” policies glaringly in place, they are more than sure rather than hopeful that Ghanaians will vote overwhelmingly for them come 2016 general parliamentary and presidential elections.
Subsequently, I am asking, what do the NDC take Ghanaians for? I think they take us for absolute fools who cannot tell their left from their right or tell wrong from what is right. They feel we are such imbeciles that are always ready to sing their praises. We must be thankful to them for inflicting broad daylight thievery on us and be blind to their incompetence and selective justice, they should be saying to themselves. Do they not further expect us to conclude our supplications to God on their behalf seeking to embolden them to embezzle more funds with Hallelujah?
Some Ghanaians may still vote NDC out of the fact of being beneficiaries of their thievery. Others may vote NDC because they are ignorant about how the NDC are collapsing the economy and so will allow themselves to be bought over with tins of geisha, sardine, half-piece of cloth, machete etc.
The NDC think being the incumbent party, they can still rig elections to stay in power because William Atuguba and his colleagues in bad faith have given them the licence to hence mocking Nana?s decision to lead the NPP again, God willing.
Ghanaians will not continue to lower their self-esteem for NDC to continually take them for fools, I should think. They will rise up to expectation without allowing NDC to purchase their votes or deceive them with negative advertisements as done in 2012.
Who do you think the NDC take you for or think you are, my Dear Reader and fellow compatriot?
Rockson Adofo


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