Ghanaian consumers would pay more for the electricity and water they consume from Tuesday following an increase in tariff levels by the regulatory authority.

In a press release issued late Monday, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) announced a 5.94 increase in the tariff for electricity.


This latest tariff hike followed the 11.17 percent increase in electricity tariffs across the board by the regulator in July.

The PURC also announced a 2.22 percent increase in water tariffs for consumers starting from Tuesday, following the 8.1 percent hike together with an additional levy of 10 percent slapped on water consumption in July.

Ghana uses an automatic adjustment formula to determine tariffs to be paid by consumers for utilities they consume.

This formula takes into account the exchange rate; price of crude oil and natural gas on the world market; power purchase cost, and demand forecast among others.

The government of Ghana had earlier expressed the desire to use lower energy cost as an incentive to attract investments into the manufacturing sector. Enditem


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