The strategy of the GCPP is not about political power but rather economic change. Dr. Henry Lartey has expressed a powerful vision for Ghana within the GCPP 2012 manifesto entitled ?A Modern Domestication for a Modern Ghana?. The manifesto outlines a plan to create 3 million new jobs by converting Accra into Africa?s first solar city, domestically manufacturing electronic cars, and establishing Ghana as the continents first sustainable economy.

The GCPP manifesto has been strongly endorsed by the African diaspora and the international community, now it is time to bring the vision of domestication back home. The NDC is pursuing a policy that will sustain the current levels of growth and development within the nation, while the NPP wants to focus on scholastic reform. Truth be told, the policies and agendas of both parties are rather disappointing. Neither party has articulated a policy that will satisfy the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the people of Ghana: Neither party has expressed a vision that is capable of empowering Ghana and Africa within the new world order of the 21st Century.

GCPP challenges our brother and sisters, friends, enemies, and all the people of Ghana to carefully review the GCPP manifesto and see the great opportunity that Ghana can still achieve in the 21st Century. We challenge the leadership of the NDC and NPP to consider Ghana?s potential as expressed within our manifesto, and in so doing, we invite them to dream again. Not to dream of political power, but to dream of this great nation finally realizing its potential. After 50 years of political independence, it is time we begin the process of
building our economy and showing the world what this African country is truly capable of doing.

The NDC alone cannot reform this nation. The NPP alone cannot build this nation. We, the GCPP cannot alone create the Ghana of the future. It is only through all of us cooperating and working together, united under a dynamic policy, that the full potential of this great nation can be realized. Our first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah understood that ??the community of economic life is the major feature within a nation, and it is the economy which holds together the people living in a territory?.

GCPP says let the 2012 elections be about rebuilding our community of economic life, coming together under a strong policy and improving our
standard-of-living. Of course we want our Chairman, Dr. Henry Lartey, to be the next President of Ghana. But much more than this, we want the nation of Ghana to rise up. RISE UP oh mighty people and let us lead again. Let us once again become a true beacon of hope and a shining star for all of Africa. GCPP challenges all of Ghana to unite under our dynamic policy and let us lead again! A Modern Domestication for a Modern Ghana


By Garvey Nkrumah
GCPP Activist


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