Sometimes an interjection says more than a word; a tear says more than a speech. I am in that time of my life, when all I can say is ?huuu!?, like a deep breath.
I was lost but now I am found. Why matters all the experiences from somebody?s life if we don?t have time to reflect on them?


What does traveling mean to me? Is it a dream or an ambition? I am afraid it?s not an ambition because then I would have lost my goal. Which is my purpose thought? We all try to find it and to fulfill it. We are afraid not to loose ourselves into the world, to loose the hope and the faith because we can?t afford the thought that we live for nothing. There is a Romanian expression goes like: do not shade the Earth for noting! Do I follow my goal thought?

I see my life like a long hallway full of doors which are hiding a light to the other side. I see myself running along this hallway and tiring to open all the doors at the same time. I have so many plans, attempts, blessings, faces, personalities and all of them in the same person. I have so many ideas, inspiration and visions so I don?t know how I am going to finish this race on the Earth.

Maybe there are many things I still don?t know. Maybe each country that I visit changes something inside of me, maybe the today?s Diana is much different from yesterday?s or tomorrow?s. Maybe I don?t realize all the time, how blessed I am, perhaps my life is chaos and I run to many different directions. But I know one thing: I don?t want to finish my race without God!

Sometimes too much is not enough. I have been traveling a lot and I still do it, I have met so many people, I?ve tried many things but I still feel that is not enough. If you want more for yourself, to give more to the others and for God I invite you to keep into your heart the word AFRICA!

I am asking you now: Do you follow your dream? If you feel there is a connection between my dreams of traveling, inspiring, volunteering in Africa and your dream, text me! [email protected] if you want to make a difference!
Be a volunteer! There is no joy in this life than to do things unconditionally.

Article By Diana Mihaila
Programs Manager
Africa Online Volunteering Service (AOVS).


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