livefmInformation reaching? a close source to Ghana?s lifestyle station live91.9fm is that management has suspended a female worker for tweeting the current hashtag #bringbackourgirls on her page and the stations page as well.

Even though the source could not give us the exact name of the worker; we are told that it is a female worker.

Our source explained to us that the said suspended female worker just took to twitter to tweet the hashtag with a picture that says bring back our girls.

The picture that was sent to us saw the suspended live91.9fm worker tired to a staircase pole with solution tapes tied to her mouth with a paper that reads #bring back our girls.

That tweet according to our source did not go too well with some management of the station hence influenced her suspension for two weeks.

We asked if it was against the company?s policy to join in a social campaign that is fighting a good course and we were told the answer is NO.

This is unheard of if you ask me; every girl feels the pain of the kidnapped girls hence in her own small way she is fighting to make sure the girls are returned unharmed just like all the other female celebrities who did same via social media.

Live91.9fm management, if this is true please reversing this suspension will be the best solution, I do not think it is right to take such action against an employee.

Any way as I end my article, I want to say that #livefmbringbacktheworker.


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