Domestic carrier, FLY 540 has temporarily suspended its operations for making losses.

This is coming after Royal Jordanian pulled out of the country whilst Air Namibia is also set to do same by next month ? both due to high operational costs.

FLY 540 has said its decision to temporarily halt its operations in Ghana is primarily aimed at restructuring its business.

FLY 540 is a part of African Airline Group, FASTJET. Aside its Ghana operations, it made the same move last month with its Angolan business and has decided to put both on the back burner as part of a review into Fly 540.

The Group adds that it has decided to focus its efforts on East and Southern Africa, but has not ruled out a return to Angola or Ghana in the future.

The company said in a statement: ?FASTJET has concluded that although Ghana presents very significant long-term opportunities for its low-cost model; in the short term, the company intends to fully focus on the considerable potential of opportunities in East and Southern Africa, and this legacy 540 operation is not therefore part of the core low cost FASTJET model.?

Source Myjoyonline


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