Flex is a programming language developed onAdobe Technologyto enhance the users capability in building rich internet applications. IT possesses all flash features and is embedded with two languages MXML and Action Script respectively. For Flex Application Development, Adobe has launchedFlex builderthat works in Eclipse environment. Flex 3 builder is the latest and can be freely downloaded from Adobes official website. 

MXML is an extended form of XML and therefore it is called an XML-based markup language. Program files coded with mxml language possess. mxml extensions. MXML used along with ActionScript provide tags to devise GUI (graphical user interface) component and is also used to get access to data on servers. ActionScript is an implementation ofECMAScriptand is similar to OOP based JavaScript. In Adobe Flash Player this is the main programming tool. It consists of built in objects and functions, and allows its users to build their own objects and functions. Flex offers a number of remarkable benefits both for developers and end-users, including:-Record development time due to powerful coding tools and extensive visual component library. Solution scalability and reliability due to a powerful and elegant Flex programming model. Flex-based solutions are easily re-designed or enhanced whenever it is necessary. Easy integration into a server application due to a high performance data synchronization engine between the client and server sides.xEOL.In-context interactivity due to video, audio, streaming, and messaging components. MetaDesign Solutions with it’s rich experience in eCommerce & Web Development has adopted the Adobe Flex Development for most of it’s front-end to give a memorable interface experience to the users. Our Adobe Certified Flex programmers will work under your timeframe and you can contact them through MSN Skype or can directly call on developers mobile also. MetaDesign Solutionsalways give 200 % to clients with best solutions and our core expertise are creating highly intuitive, interactive and expressive web and desktop applications. If you would like to hire our Flex Developers or outsource your application development projects.Please contact us at:- [email protected] or call 0124-4278595.

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