wpid-wpid-Fire-1.jpgFire, Sunday morning, gutted large portion of the Kantamanto Market in Accra, destroying property worth hundreds of thousands of Ghana cedis.?Two days before this sad incident, portions of the Agbogbloshie market also here in Accra had suffered some damage due to a fire outbreak.

There have been several reported cases of fire outbreaks across the country in the first quarter of this year alone, and the loss involved, has been huge.?This development has led many who were hitherto employed and self-employed jobless; and also the loss of capital investments to their businesses.

The overarching question is: When are the fire outbreaks going to end? Sadly, from what appears on the ground, they are not ending anytime soon if the status quo of fighting fire instead of fire prevention continues.?One known causative factor for these fires at our markets has been illegal electrical connections and the lack of pace for the fire officers to put out the fire when they occur.

Owners of these make-shift shops seem to have just contracted the services of unqualified electricians who unprofessionally joined one or two wires together to give them power to enable them run their businesses.?The situation has been worsened by the irregular supply of electric power with its resultant power fluctuations, which is a spark for causing fire outbreaks.

Because of the unplanned nature of the construction of structures at these markets, spaces which should be created for access to vehicles are non-existent.?This situation compounds the inability of the Ghana Fire Service to put out these fires as and when they occur, on time to prevent them from spreading to other structures.

The Republic will not attempt to talk much about the causative factors leading to these fire outbreaks and the steps to be taken to address them, because they are trite knowledge to the authorities and even the ordinary Ghanaians, since this will amount to a recycling of facts. We must strive to do the right things at all times and save ourselves from these disasters.

These fire outbreaks will continue to occur if we failed to put the necessary measures in place to avert them. We must be proactive than reactive to this enormous challenge to be able to save the nation from losing millions of cedis every year to fire outbreaks.
The Republic extends its sympathies to those who lost their valuables in the inferno on Sunday. We also call on government and other relevant agencies and philanthropist to give the victims a helping hand in an attempt to ameliorate their current plight.

Source: The Republic


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