Somali security forces
Somali security forces

Heavy fighting between Somaliland and Puntland forces erupted on Tuesday on the outskirts of Tukaraq town in Sool region, north of Somalia.

The clashes which started on Monday flared up on Tuesday when heavily armed forces from Somaliland ambushed bases manned by Puntland troops.


Puntland in a statement from the office of the president accused Somaliland of deliberately provoking conflict in disputed areas in a cynical bid to restore legitimacy in the colonial border areas of the defunct historic British Somaliland.

“This cynical policy of armed aggression represents a clear proof of the hostility of the regime in northwestern Somalia,” said the statement.

The presidency said Puntland which has been determined to avoid shedding of innocent Somali blood has been striving to preserve peace and promoting reconciliation of Somalis in addition to restoration of just governance across the country.

“For these reasons, Puntland has acted responsibly and demonstrated restraint in the face of constant provocation and persistent hostility and the attacks unfortunately emanating from Hargeisa,” it said.

With the latest attacks, Puntland threatened to “respond robustly to any attack on either the territory or the people of Puntland.”

“Puntland shall no longer tolerate any further attack or preparations for attack initiated by the regime in Hargeisa,” the presidency warned.

The exact number of causalities has not yet been released, although Abdi Hersi Ali, Puntland’s Minister of Information said the state troops managed to repulse Somaliland troops.

Nouh Osma’il, Somaliland army chief, also said that its soldiers had pushed back Puntland forces, claiming victory over the clash. Osma’il said their troops encountered counter-offensive from Puntland state forces during the clashes.

Tension has been building in Tukaraq in the past three months after Somaliland troops have seized control of the strategic town in January following an incursion against Puntland Defense forces stationed there.
The two regional Somali states have clashed previously since 2002 over control of disputed regions in Northern Somalia. Enditem


  1. This was a clear aggression of the Federal State of Somalia against Somaliland Republic. You have quoted only Puntland. It is a one sided story. Somaliland was celebrating its’ 27th Independence when Puntland forces sneaked behind the Somaliland contingency in South east of Somaliland’s territory. They suffered heavy causality and this will teach them to respect the Sovereignty of Somalilands’ territorial integrity. Somaliland is a state based on the colonial borders which is in accordance to OAU charter of 1964. That the colonial borders are sacrosanct for all African countries.
    Puntland is based on “Harti Clans”. What would happen if all clans who live across borders would claim their own state! The inhabitants or residence of some African clans is as follows:

    1. Fulani Clan: This clan inhabits in Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon etc.

    2. Tuareg Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Niger etc.

    3. Lunda Clan: This clan inhabits in Congo, Zambia, and Angola.

    4. Yoruba Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo.

    5. Maasai Clan: This clan resides in Kenya, and Tanzania.

    6. Afar Clan: This clan inhabits in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti

    7. Gabooye Clan: This clan inhabits in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia

    8. Berber Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Morroco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria.

    9. Isaaq Clan: This clan inhabits in Somaliland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti

    10. Samaroon Clan: This tribe inhabits in Somaliland, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

    11. Hawiye Clan: This clan inhabits in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

    12. Darood Clan: This clan inhabits in Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia

    13. Rahanwein Clan: This clan has inhabitance in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

    14. Essa Clan: This clan inhabits in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somaliland.

  2. This article is a prime example of the journalistic bias that is targeting Somaliland. SOMALILAND has and always been the most stable, inclusive , and free Somali inhabited land. The genocidal regime in Moqadishu has, since the late 70s, made it official policy to subjugate and oppress the free people of the North. Somalia was created by a Union that was initiated by Somaliland in 1960 with the Italian colony in the South. We started the Union and we ended it. Somaliland cannot be smeared because that same president you quoted in Garowe knows what happened and who started it…..Please be objective and concise with your reporting.. Thank you..

  3. He who to blame is no one other that UN envoy Michael Keating who new the prepation of futoland and ready to attack Somaliland soldiers in Tukaraq. Did he know of rhe plan? Was he among the architectures? To keep his job he had to create somethin but unfortunately he inherent 100 of death and 100th of injured soldiers


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