The following are news in Kenyan media outlets on Thursday.


— Opposition leaders coalescing under the National Super Alliance on Wednesday set out terms for electoral commission that they want implemented before the August polls. They questioned the inclusion of names of youth signed in a government program into the voters’ register without their knowledge and further called for a review of the commission’s information and communication technology department, noting some of the officials were engaging in irregularities. (Daily Nation)

— The government offered striking lecturers 96 million U.S. dollars Wednesday to call off their three-week boycott. However, the tutors through their union said they will not accept the money until they know how much each lecturer will get. They also declined to call off the strike until all their demands are met. (The Standard)

— Thirty two percent of Kenyans who registered as voters for 2013 polls did not cast their votes owing to the fact that they were too far from the polling station, a new poll shows. Another 23 percent said they did not vote because they were ill, with 19 percent saying they were too busy. (The Star)

— British explorer Tullow Oil will spend at least 216 million dollars on appraisal and exploration activities in Kenya this year. The Africa-focused oil and gas producer also plans to carry out four such ventures and 82 development activities in the East Africa region. (Business Daily)

— Another healthcare crisis is looming in Kenya after tuberculosis patients who have discontinued treatment in the wake of the doctors’ strike risk spreading the disease. (People Daily) Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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