After several weeks of rigorous training, the Exopa Modelling Agency will on Sunday, September 16, affirm its presence in the

modelling scene with a huge graduation ceremony for a number of its young models.

The models have undergone intensive modelling training for over six weeks at the agency?s training institute behind the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre, La in Accra.

Most of the graduates were runway and
commercial models.

After the graduation, they would have a two-year contract to work with the agency, after which they had the option of staying on or leaving to work as freelance models.

There would be lots of exciting side attractions at the graduation ceremony. Previous graduation ceremonies were spiced with bikini shows and Sunday?s event was not going be different.

Some of the graduates have already tested their gained confidence at the Exopa New Faces Contest which was held on the last Saturday of every month.

The school, after every six weeks of training, held mini
graduation ceremonies for students. After four sessions of
the mini graduation ceremonies, a mass graduation was held, where all
graduates came together for a bigger celebration.

This month?s event was expected to be big with some personalities in the fashion and modelling industries, as well as the showbiz industry, passing through.

The agency did not only teach people how to model on the runway, but also groomed them on public relations and protocol ethics.

Currently, registration was ongoing to admit more wannabe models for the next six-week training course, which would start in November 2012. The graduation ceremony would start at 2:00 p.m. on September 16, and was open to the general public.

Source Daily Guide Ghana


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