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Confining 2 Kids Lands Man In Trouble

By NngmingBongle Bapuohyele

Dear reader, I pray this short script of mine gets to you well. I have an urge to share some thoughts with you. I hope you may consider them worthy of your own thought since they relate to the salvation plan of the Almighty for mankind. Should you have any thoughts or answers to share with me after reading, I would be most grateful to have them. These thoughts/questions of mine are:
Was there ever a Savior sent by the Almighty to Earth to save mankind from sin? If yes, what was the nationality and earthly “parentage” of this Savior?

What was the name of this Savior?

Is it true that the Almighty sent an angel from His presence to deliver a particular name to the would-be “parents” of the Savior by which all the Earth was to call him when born; and forever?

Did these “parents” of the Savior, indeed, name Him “JESUS” as the English Bible claims in Matthew 1:21, 25 & Luke 1:31? If not, what was the actual name the Savior was called by?

The name JESUS is English and since the English language never existed in the world during the days when the Savior lived on Earth, is it not impossible that he could have been known by this name? Also, since there is no ?jay? sound or letter ?J? in Hebrew, how could the most illustrious Hebrew ever, the Savior, have a name starting with ?J??

On the day of the Savior?s crucifixion, any stranger in Yerushalayim who might want to know his name would not have one person tell him it was JESUS CHRIST simply because these words did not exist in the mind of any Hebrew at the time!

So then, how and when did the name JESUS CHRIST come to be known in the world and found its way into the English Bible? I think a clue to a correct answer to this question can be found in the Bible book of Daniel 7:25; but what do you think?

Have bible translators not misled readers of their Bibles into believing the name of the Savior is JESUS CHRIST? In the light of Acts 4:10-12, is JESUS CHRIST the true name recognized by the Good Father in Heaven by which anyone can be saved?

How about such other names as John, Joseph, Jeremiah, Elijah and all the many ?j? names we read in the Bible supposed to belong to Hebrew characters; are they authentic? If they are not, which ones are?

Is it true that bible translators translated the Hebrew name ?MattitYahu? into English as ?Matthew?; YahuChanan as John, ElYahu as Elijah, Shimon Kefa as Simon Peter, ZecharYahu as Zechariah, YeshaYahu as Isaiah, YiremeYahu as Jeremiah, MashakhYahu as Messiah, UziYahu as Uzziah, etc??

Why have all the Roman names found in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures, such as Caesar, Herod, Pontius Pilate, Agrippa, etc, been maintained to be same by translators in their Bibles, while every Hebrew name including that of the Savior and his followers have been changed or translated to English names?

Did the Savior as is recorded in Acts 26:14-15 indeed utter the English name JESUS, claiming it was his own name that was given to him by the Good Father in Heaven, while speaking in Hebrew to Sha?ul (Paul), as bible translators would want us to believe? Or are bible translators rather putting lies into the mouth of the Savior by this record??

Have Bible translators not created problems for salvation seekers by translating the Hebrew-inspired Holy Scriptures into other languages without the mandate of the Almighty because by so doing they have introduced errors and untruths into an otherwise pure and holy word, maybe, without intending to!! Thus, have they not polluted the Word of Truth and rendered it impotent for salvation?

Do you agree with me that the world must be warned about these thoughts of mine? If you do, then, what can we do together about this? Maybe you could start doing something by sharing this message via your social media! Shalom Aleikhem?May the Peace of Elohiym be with you.

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