Simon Dornoo, GCB MD

Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), Ghana?s premier bank, is offering electronic self-service free of charge to its retail customers.

Under a slogan, the GCB Advantage, customers using GCB?s proprietary card, Readycash, can access their accounts through any of GCB?s 230 ATMs across the country free of charge.

As part of the offer, customers can check their balance at the ATMs, transfer funds and request mini statement at no cost.

Doris Wunu, Head of Consumer Banking at GCB, sees the offer as a major leap in the Bank?s customer service offering, saying self-service and convenience complimented with security to promote a cash-lite society are the focus of the Bank going forward.

?GCB understands the business demands of its customers. These and the ever increasing heavy vehicular/human traffic situations that have developed especially in our cities recently, impinge on the customers? ability to have easy access to banking halls. The repercussions have a toll on many facets of our everyday lives. It is for these reasons among others that the Bank seeks to drive convenience through e-banking channels, Mrs. Wunu said.

She said for customers, GCB has provided them with the benefit of branchless banking 24/7.

Apart from GCB?s Readycash card holders, customers, who hold MasterCard and VISA cards, can also use the Bank?s ATMs free of charge.

Other electronic services like internet banking offered by the Bank are also free of charge.

The move is expected to make banking with GCB convenient.

GCB has 158 branches and 20 agencies across the country and with the addition of 230 more ATMs both on site (at branches) and off-site, customers can benefit from a network of 388 physical locations through which they can manage their accounts.

GCB, per the free service promotion, expects customers to control all transactions on their accounts.

As prospective customers open accounts with GCB, they are offered a variety of cards namely Readycash, MasterCard and Visa and they also have the opportunity to sign onto internet and SMS banking services.

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