Self Luminous Exit Signs are an essential safety tool, which do not require electricity and are easy to install. These signs require a chemical process to provide non-electrical light.  These exit signs provide years of illumination, and they’re highly tested in emergency situations. The greatest thing about self-luminous exit signs is that they really do meet all energy efficiency and safety requirements at the same time, offering designers to make the most of their safety signage. Self-Luminous Exit Signs need no external power source, no electrical wiring or batteries to replace and are always ready to provide an effective, maintenance-free exit system. Self-Luminous Exit Signs will provide a luminescent sign under any condition, even during an extended period of power outage.

The technology behind Self Luminous Exit Signs is Tritium Exit Sign Technology, that illuminates your self-powered exit signs.

For the working process of this technology, tritium gas, which is an isotope of hydrogen, is enclosed into shatterproof glass tubes which are arranged to spell “EXIT”. The tritium gas glows green and can be seen from more than 100 feet away in total darkness. The tritium tubes are enclosed in a vandal-resistant thermoplastic housing and clear polycarbonate face shield. Tritium exit signs have gained popularity over the last 30 years because they eliminate the need for an electrician and have no maintenance costs for their entire lifespan.

The technology of self-luminous exit signs allows for easy installation and eliminates maintenance costs associated with conventional exit signs. Self-luminous exit signs are tested and approved for use by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and deliver cost effective form of electricity.

Features Of Self-Luminous Exit Signs:

1. These signs are entirely non-electrical  and reduces operating costs
2. You can use them in wet or dry environments
3. The gas used in these signs (tritium gas) offers constant illumination
4. No need of batteries, bulbs, or maintenance duties
5. Long term solution for up to 20 year lifespan

During the emergency situations, Self Luminous Exit Signs are best utilized and provide great advantages in terms of electricity. They are also really affordable. These products can generate a great financial effect in this period of economic recession. Moreover, it has some additional advantages as compared to the electric devices.

Self Powered Exit Signs are exit signs that do not need an external power source to operate. They are able to offer business owners with cost efficient operation and installation for business owners, while still providing the required level of safety that is required by building fire code standards. These signs are a non-electrical type of exit signs, which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Self-luminous exit signs operate by using a revolutionary type of technology that utilizes a naturally glowing form of hydrogen, which referred as tritium.

One of the main advantage of the Self Powered Exit Signs is that they save you loads on your electricity bills every year. There are many other advantages to these types of signs as well such as the advantage of not needing an electrician to install them as you do with other types. This can save you even more money specially if you are having a new building constructed.

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