The biggest land animal ? the elephant has an extraordinary instinct to discover the presence of water from several miles away. Inevitably, elephants need water and they cannot survive without water even for a single day. Their threshold is very low when compared to other animals as far as their requirement of water is concerned.

Because of their absolute need of water to survive or cannot survive without water, they have developed or in other word, the nature has favoured them with an extraordinary power to detect the presence of water from great distance. Studies have shown that several ungulates like deer, buffaloes etc., do follow the elephants especially during acute summer as elephants would guide them to a water hole.

What the corporate has to learn from the instinct of elephants is that only the necessity or the acuteness makes one to explore options and solutions and not the ?just need?. People in the corporate must be programmed to see the task of the corporate seriously and accomplish it. It is not the need that should drive the people to do the job but only the inevitability should make the people to go after the task.

Once the inner call to achieve the task is set, automatically one would get the instinct to find ways and means to address the challenge. Instead of seeing the challenge, the solution, however faraway it may be, would appear in mind.

Many animals in jungle find the life hard to live during peak summer as they find no drop of water to drink. Many animals have learned and evolved to live with less or no water during the ?pinch? period. Some would die also.

The question is why elephant has not learned to live without water? Perhaps it has developed the capability to detect the presence of water however faraway it may be, hence has not learned to live without water. When elephant has the right instinct, why should they live a hard life?

The corporate people should learn to see the solution and finding solution should be driven by the instincts. When one become a solution seeker and solution provider, the problems, however big it may be, eludes and disappears.

The HR function must train the people to see the challenges as an opportunity to develop ?right instincts? and solution is possible only when one has right instinct to sense the pre-existence of a solution.

Remember the fact that when a problem exists and when you describe the problem to be real, the solution too exists, along side of the problem. When you see only the problem, naturally you miss to see the solution. Move away from the problem, use your instinct, you have perfect solution to all the challenges you may encounter in life. That is the message the elephants convey.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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