NDC Supporters AshantiAlhaji Muhammed Agbeve, a leading member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called no delegates of the party?s upcoming Constituency, Regional and National Executive Congress to elect leaders who are committed to the party.

He also urged prospective candidateswho are filling for positions to be concerned about the well-being of party members and supporters especially those at the grassroots.


Alhaji Agbeve made the call in an exclusive interview with the Ghana Palaver in Accra further called on delegates to elect qualified, dedicated and committed people who have the interest of the party at heart adding that elections are won through hard work, dedication and commitment to the party especially the grassroots.

Alhaji Agbeve who doubled as constituency Chairman of the NDC said the party National Executives should be transformed into an advisory body to take decisions that are in the good interest of members of the party and not decisions that infringe on the rights of supporters.

He advised that party executives filing for position to stop abusing and back-biting each other as well as making statements that has the tendency to disunite the party but rather focus on how to forge unity to retain power for NDC in 2016 general elections.

According to him grassroots supporters are the party’s strongest support base any political party hence need for the executives to work hand in hand with.

He said he is ever ready to help and support any candidate who comes out to be victorious in the upcoming Constituency, Regional and National Executive Congress.


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