Sensational Afro Pop singer Efya on Mothers day collapsed in her bit to support Miss Malaika winner Gerry Partington to celebrate mothers who had just put to bed on that faithful day at the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

The Singer who was fine and all joy carrying some of the bags which contained baby products meant for the mothers started sweating profusely as she and the Malaika Queenwas giving out the bags to the mothers in one of the wards.

She handed her bags of goodies to one lady near her and headed for the exit only to find she couldn’t descend the stairs because of her “woozy sight” as she put it when the doctor was called upon to check her up.

She then lied on table that was near by as her fashion accessories were loosened by one of the entourage from Charter house amidst Camera Crew from Charter House fanning her with their shirts.

A Doctor near by was rushed to see the singer and he did assess the case to be her reaction to the fresh blood she had seen back in the ward. But the singer was fine and was able to give mothers her rendition of a mothers day song when the entourage got to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to continue the celebration of mothers.

Source : Flex Newspaper


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