JOY2012 Speaks On EC-45 New Constituencies
JOY2012 Speaks On EC-45 New Constituencies


Members of the Press Corps, Former Presidents of Ghana, Members of Parliament, Religious Leaders, Traditional Leaders, Business Communities, Civil Societies, the Youth and Students, JOY2012 wants all and sundry to go to the drawing board of reasoning.


It is often said that when something is ?common? then by implication that thing is available to most people at almost every place. However, how common is ?sense? often is eluding some individuals, groups and institutions in the application of sound practical reasoning? More especially, issues that the Electoral Commission and Political Parties know can have high tendencies of endangering our lives and properties in the December, 7 Elections.


The Creation of 45 New Constituencies


Some key statesmen, former President Kuffour, some civil societies and most importantly some key respected Religious Leaders, especially the politically unbiased Presbyterian Moderator, Rt. Rev. Martey had cautioned EC to be circumspect in the timing of exercising its constitutional mandate with regards to creating the new 45 constituencies for elections on 7 December, 2012.


The office of JOY2012 has taken cognisance that doing the right thing at the wrong time is equally wrong. Though, the EC has constitutional mandate to create the new 45 constituencies and can ignore any sound reasoning to avert consequential chaos during and after the December elections, the EC should however consider the fact that the application of the law or constitutional right does not and should not preclude the application of commonsensical. Even in the law court, with evidential facts, the application of ?commonsense? allows the courts to sometimes temper justice with mercy to allow societies to co-exist in order to protect lives and properties. This is the first port of call and duty of any compatriot citizen. EC should understand that the law is made for Ghanaians but Ghanaians are not made for the law.


The office of JOY2012 believes that, greediness and selfishness in whatever form are mostly responsible for gross and gloss disregard to looming dangers and commonsense to humanity. What on earth is pushing and rushing the EC and majority in Parliament for the creation of these new 45 constituencies. Where, when and in what circumstance can drifting politicians come to terms with safe drifting and danger to lives and properties.


The natural reaction to any form of danger is to put up a mechanism of defence being it constitutional and legal, rational or lack of commonsensical by humans. JOY2012 condemns any form of threat on the lives of EC officials on this issue of 45 new constituencies. The difficulties in passing the Bill through parliament, the high sense of apprehension by well meaning and good citizens of Ghana are Natures way of wonderfully warning Ghanaians and EC in particular to renege in its decision.


However, the Electoral Commission?s response during recent 5 September IDEG meeting and its insistence to go ahead with its constitutional mandate lacks the general sensitivities of election 2012 security threat dispensation and appreciation of commonsense. More especially, it is sickening for the EC to state in ecstatic frenzies that its duty is to ensure that the ballot boxes are sent with voting materials, and cares nothing about what happens thereafter. So whose duty it is to supervise elections in Ghana and demands serenity of elections and safety of citizens who want to exercise their civil duty?


The question that I posed during 23 April, 2012 was ?Ladies and Gentlemen, should we as Ghanaians continue to work towards election 2012, without any clear assurance of the security of our lives and properties, or is the idea of voting for people to assume power more important than our lives? JOY2012 demands an answer through the media from the Electoral Commission and Prof. Evans Atta-Mills, the President and Commander in-Chief of the Ghana Armed forces and the government!?


The above question is as relevant then but very significant now knowing that the elections days are closer in reality than before.


JOY2012 believes that the Electoral Commission?s stance is a great awakening of some of the teething constitutional deficiencies of the 1992 constitution which needs to be redressed.


Commonsense Will Not Embarrass

The application of commonsense can save the governance of the nation and institutional mandates from the embarrassment and scars of issues such as ?Sales of Ghana Telecoms?, ?STX Korea Housing deal?, ?Cocaine turning into Kokotey or sodium bicarbonate?, ?One-time NHIS premium payment? whilst to insure means regular payment against future risk, ?gargantuan judgement debt payment? which has caused President John Dramani Mahama (JDM) dropped the ?D? from all his name else JDM will be ?Judgement Debt Master? , ? secret tapes of all-die-be-die and foot-soldiers impersonating national security personnel? and ?Foreigners taking up Galamsey and destroying environment with mercury?.




Alcoholic and Water Governance


Ghana has tested the ?alcoholic? governances of political parties of NDC and NPP and almost all institutions, groups and Individuals seem to be drunk. However, December 7 election will see Ghana testing the alternative ?water? governance through Independent Presidential System by JOY2012. It is only after JOY2012?s government will Ghanaians proverbially know Alcohol and Water governments which one is the better alternative to Ghana and Africa.


Once again thank you one and all. God Bless Ghana and God Bless JOY2012.





Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY2012)

(The Next President of Ghana).


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