Paul Amoako, 20, was given the punishment after he pleaded guilty to the offence.

Court jails driver
Court jails driver

Police Detective Chief Inspector Birikorang Peasah told the court, presided over by Mr. Fredrick Tetteh, that the incident happened on September 26, at about 0630 hours.

The convict, whose car had been sent to a mechanic’s workshop at Konongo for repair joined the complainant, Osei Kwadwo, in his taxi at Adumasa to Konongo.

The prosecution said on reaching Odumase, Osei parked the car on the shoulder on the road to deliver a message to someone, leaving Amoako in the taxi.

He did not remove the ignition key and returned within few minutes to shockingly discover that the convict had fled with the car.

He consequently made an official report to the police and they sent wireless message to alert their colleagues across the nation about theft.

On October 7, Amoako was arrested at Komenda in the Central Region and he was transferred to Konongo.



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