Dressing and decorating the genitals

GENITAL CAREGuess you have never heard anything of a sort nor thought of it. Apparently, we seem to be dressing every part our body and it is so weird almost all cultures have accepted dressing everything from natural to artificial.You probably put on wig ,fix nail and smear the body with the very best of stuffs around. So unfortunate we all leave the most important part of the body out-the genitals.

It is another week-end and here,I take you through ways to dress and decorate your genital, if not for that charming partner of yours, then for your very own comfort-ability.

Waxing the sides of the penis and vulva is the first major step you could take to have that perfect look.Probably,our African ladies do wonder how their folks in the porn industry have gat something nice and more attractive than they have. Waxing is basically removing hair from around the pelvic area,and can include the testicles(for men). I would recommend the Brazilian wax for men and women when you hit the spa. Waxing pulls out the hair from the roots, which means and it takes a longer time for the hair to grow up.

Personally, I think shaving for men is not really a good idea-it causes bumps, rashes, itching and irritation.So next time(ideally every three weeks) you are at the spa, do ask for a wax there, guess you can control yourself when that fine dude goes down there to do it.

Just how do you feel when you get down your partner and he or she has that bright dark hair there? I do not know about you tho but it really turns me on the more.If you are not so lucky to have the sex-appeal kind of hair,I would suggest a PUBIC DYE for you.A pubic hair dye ,is a gentle dye to colour your curlies in a variety of colours especially for those growing gray down there.

GENITAL CAREPeople do dye their hair sometimes,I guess you would understand better if you watch French countries, so you can do it yourself if you are the shy type. Most dyes do not contain ammonia or parabens, and it is safe to use in the genital area. For those who love piercing, you could add some bling bling down there like you have around your ears,lip,tongue,belly button and nose.

Piercing, not only decorates the genital, but ensures enough stimulation during sex-an experience you would never forget(personal experience) .The healing process could cause an infection but you could reduce the risk by having an expert work on them for you although there is no certified body piercer.

I might not know you but I am 90% certain you are dark down there and around your ass.I would call it genital bleaching tho but it is nbot essentially bleaching.You just need to take care of the vulva,ass and penis like you do to the rest of your body-applying the lotions and pomade anytime you do that to the body.It creates uniformity and makes the genital more appealing especially when it is a little bright than the other parts of the body.

Tattoo could be another way to dress and decorate your genital.Most communities frown at it tho but you can have it at this place where only ypur partner and those you meet at the beach would see. Quiet relieving and exciting to have people look at you and just keep dreaming of having you. Probably you admire the tattoos you see around the pelvis of porn stars and it probably turns you on like it does to me. You can really have it on yourself either permanently or temporally.

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