QuarkXPress to InDesignExperts say that QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are based on two different schools of thought. So if you are finding trouble migrating your existing application from QuarkXPress to InDesign, you will know whom to contact for fulfilling your software development needs by the end of this article. Read on to know more.

As larger organizations are making a switch from using QuarkXPress to adopting industry wide usage of Adobe InDesign , they encounter the same problems an individual would face while carrying out a migration from QuarkXPress to InDesign. Hence it becomes imperative that bigger organizations also have to develop a mindset to get accustomed with Adobe Develop Indesign Plugins. Typically the war between QuarkXpress and InDesign has been on since quite some time with Adobe InDesign gaining the moniker as the ?Quark killer?. And although it may seem from the outset that Quark files can be opened in InDesign, but the fact remains that converting a file from Quark to InDesign is a translation process and bad translations can make applications look really unappealing. This is when you need to employ the services of an InDesign consultant to ensure that the transition from QuarkXPress to InDesign is seamless and does not affect the core business in any manner.

There are a lot of similarities between InDesign and QuarkXPress which include standard methods for opening and saving documents and templates, toolboxes and floating panels and ability to display spreads on individual pasteboards. Adding credit to its moniker InDesign was built with the aim to be intuitive and easily understandable for QuarkXPress users, however, there are some stark differences between the two which have to be internalized in order to create a successful migration from Quark to InDesign.

While QuarkXPress has a Modify dialogue box, InDesign has the controls for modifying objects in the Control Panel. QuarkXPress is more flexible when it comes to changing any object on the master page, whereas InDesign protects the master page from accidental changes. The objects in an InDesign master page have dotted edges instead of solid edges which differentiates them from their counterparts in other pages. When there are paragraphs in a document, InDesign treats the leading character of the paragraph as a character attribute unlike QuarkXPress which treats it as a paragraph attribute. Also unlike Quark, there are no tools for linking and unlinking text frames in the InDesign tools panel as this is achieved through the in and out ports on the text frames. QuarkXPress limits usage of background colour or frame to certain objects, whereas, in case of InDesign one is free to select any text, path or frame and make use of the Stroke or Fill button on the control panel to apply solid, tint or gradient fill or stroke colour to that object.

To reiterate the opinion mentioned above, it always helps to concentrate on one’s business and leave the software development nitty gritty to a professional InDesign development company. Mindfire Solutions from India could be your trusted offshore development partner for all your InDesign requirements which includes migration from Quark to InDesign and Develop Indesign Plugins .

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