Monte and DKB
Monte and DKB

It?s somehow funny when people try to involve themselves with stuffs that will never affect their lives. Former Big Brother Stargame housemate DKB replied to a tweet which has nothing to do with him but addressed to Prince Dovlo (Music Video Director) and claimed its Blasphemy to God.

The so called blasphemy tweet came from the Crystal TV presenter, Monte Oz who mentioned @PrinceDovlo in a tweet, appreciating the massive work of Prince Dovlo on a new video he directed for Bisa Kdei without the disqualified Ex-big brother housemate?s handle being mentioned. See @MonteOzAfrica (Monte Oz) tweet to @PrinceDovlo (Prince Dovlo) below.

Monte Tweets Tweet
Monte Tweets Tweet

DKB came out from nowhere (uninvited) and made Monte?s tweet seem to be evil, claiming Monte has blasphemed God?s name by using God to represent the video director in the tweet above.

Read DKB?s reply to the tweet addressed to Prince Dovlo & Monte Oz response to the publicity seeker (DKB) below?


Now, from DKB?s tweet, I personally wonder why he said; He knows the why @MonteOzAfrica said: ?NEVER KNEW USING OR MENTIONING ?GOD? ON TWITTER IS #BLASPHEMY?. It appears to me, DKB & Monte Oz has some personal issues in progress.

Is there any Beef between the two TV personalities?

By : Semekor Adams /GNR/ Ghana


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