Just as people are spreading false grapevines about celebrated Ghanaian actor Van Vicker that he?s had an accident, Ghanaian female songstress Diamond Licious of ?Taste my Apple? ?hit maker, is also rumoured to have also had an accident with her $ 150,000 Hammer car.

hnbqc9q7.1u7u5.151_edit_edit1The musician posted a picture on her BBM and Facebook wall that she thank God for saving her life. She told GhanaSuperStars.com that she doesn?t want to grant an interview on the story for personal reasons.

In order words, by granting more interviews, the rumour gets more wings to fly and muddies the waters only to feed into the egos of her detractors.

You can check below some of her accident pictures and video of her last music in case you don?t know who Diamond Licious is?.


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