Defence Network for Democracy (DEFNED) has fully analyzed with utmost concern the recent appointments of Ministers of States and Deputy Ministers by the current government under the presidency of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo towards the implementation of its policies and programmes across the Country in securing a better future for the Ghanaian people.

Akufo-AddoIndeed , DEFNED wish to strongly state with unequivocal conviction that, the large size appointments of Ministers of States and Deputy Ministers under the current government is highly superfluous and problematic which has the tendency to compromise proper performance appraisal of the assigned responsibilities at the various Ministries and the Presidency at large.

This is because , the appointments of the additional Ministers of State assigned to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture respectively is untenable and a recipe for confusion and duplication of responsibility at those Ministries. Since those appointments has the propensity to create superiority conflict between the substantive Ministers and the Ministers of State assigned to those Ministries respectively, and that, in principle once a substantive Minister is appointed for a Ministry together with one or more Deputy Ministers who will be automatically assigned special responsibilities in the said Ministries , there is no relevance in appointing another Minister of State to that same Ministry.

Moreover, DEFNED further wish to register its disappointment and displeasure with the government in appointing more than necessary Deputy Ministers where in many instances some of the Ministries do not require more than one or two Deputy Ministers appointed to assist the sector Ministers to direct and implement policies and programmes of government. In fact , it is unfortunate for the current government to suddenly resort to forming an elephant size government at the time it promised the Ghanaian people of protecting the public purse. It is therefore incomprehensible for the Ghanaian people to believe that, the current government really inherited a huge public debt and a huge public wage bail from the previous government.

In the light of the above, DEFNED is strongly reminding the government of its manifesto promise of building an efficient and competent public service with emphasis on a productive public sector towards the sustainable development drive of the Country. As such , it is highly imperative for the current government to lay much emphasis on an efficient, competent and modest government in order to facilitate a comprehensive performance appraisal on all its appointees for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation of assigned responsibilities and also in times of any possible reshuffle and revocation of appointments.

Conclusively , DEFNED is strongly calling on the current government to be a listening government to the very people who elected it into office to govern in their interest by taking a cue from the public outcry in the Ghanaian society in reducing the large size of its appointees in government in any future reshuffles or appointments.

This is because , it is unprecedented in the history of a democratically elected government of Ghana to appoint up to 110 Ministers of States and Deputy Ministers ,hence the public outcry over said unprecedented ministerial appointments.

Defence Network for Democracy