Sofo Azorka, NDC Regional Chairman, NR
Sofo Azorka, NDC Regional Chairman, NR

-As Azorka Group Faces Stiff Challenge?
The Northern Regional branch chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), ?Chief? Sofo Azorka, faces stiff challenge in the forthcoming regional party election, following what other competitors described as ?poor performance?.
The regional branch of the NDC, therefore, may soon be witnessing an essential change within its Executive Positions, in a ?revolution?.
Many reasons have been attributed to why there is the need to immediately rescue the party from the hands of the current crop of Regional Executives before the next general elections.
As a result NDC party bigwigs in the region have already started campaigning seriously, in their bids to rescue the party from its current precarious situation in the region; The Republic has learnt.

The poor performance of the current regional executives during the 2012 general elections, had been the bane of the party, which led to the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) wining about 10 seats in the Region.
The informants quoted the same laxity on the part of the regional executives, as what cost the NDC the Kunbumgu Parliamentary Seat in the recent by-election, following the relinquish of that Seat by Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, who opted for an international appointment. It led to the party?s loss of the Seat to the Convention Peoples? Party (CPP) Candidate.
Sources further cited internal wrangling and self-satisfaction among the Regional Executives as well as numerous unwarranted reasons as reasons why many party followers are of the view that the current crop of leadership should not be retained by delegates in the next congress.

One person, whose intention have been gladly welcomed by the rank and file, and has since been on the lips of many, especially the party youth within the metropolis, to contest as the Regional First Vice Chairman, is Alhaji Sumani Mohammed (Zolkuli).
His intent has been welcomed by many, because of his personal contribution to the day-to-day activity of the party in the region; the role and contributions he helped his late father, Alhaji Sumani Zolkuli, to play during his tenure as the Northern Regional Party Chairman.

Alhaji Mohammed, is one of the children of the late Alhaji Sumani Zolkuli, the popularly longest serving Northern Regional Chairman of the NDC, whom many held in high-esteem during his tenure in office; a well-known Tamale-based contractor and a young enterprising entrepreneur in the Region.

Alhaji Mohammed (Zolkuli) confirmed in an exclusive interview, that, he was indeed lacing his boots to contest as the party?s Northern Regional First Vice Chairman when the party officially open nominations.
According to him, he has started a subtle but rather strategic campaign for the position including maneuverings ahead of all other potential candidates.

?The legacy of my father in the party, both within and outside the Region, is there for everybody to see: But I don?t intend to use that as the basis on which I am contesting that position?; he said.

He, however, admits that, he intends to use the goodwill of his father and his political contacts, during his campaign. ?My Dad was a political father in the Region, his posture won souls for the party, he had friends across the political divide and that is a mark of a political leader, such attributes, I will not shy away to use when I win?; he stated.

He stated that, his intention to contest was not to amass wealth for himself and his family, but to work hand-in-hand with other executives and the grassroots; and to help capture more seats for the party, come the next General elections.

The next crop of leadership of the NDC, according to Alhaji Mohammed, will need to do a lot of work to win the trust and confident of the party supporters, especially the grassroots, to be able to work with them.

He stressed that, the current party regional executives are virtually doing nothing to consolidate the party’s fortunes in the region; ‘the executives are not in touch with the grassroots of the party; they are only interest in government contracts, to the detriment of the overall party functions’; he suggests.

The party is fragmented in the region; and if care is not taken come 2016 elections, the party will lose all the seats to the NPP: ‘We have lost 10 Seats to the NPP in the 2012 elections, and the last by-election, to the CPP: So what does this tell us? It is an indication of a non-performing party executives and machinery’: Alhaji Mohammed fumed.

He emphasized that, the party executives in the region need a pure and thorough overhauling to re-ignite interest of the grassroots of the party to be able to win future elections, adding that, the party youth are aggrieved at the nefarious and non-performance of the executives.

There is, however, a growing calls from party members both big and small, on the Regional Executives to step down for people who are not self-centered, people who are actually committed to the development of the party as well as the wellbeing of its members to take over.

Source:?Alhassan M. Murtala-Tamale (The Republic)


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