Governor Willie Obiano
Governor Willie Obiano

Dear Gov Obiano,

I heard from a powerful source that TOMB RAIDER has plotted to put the state in distress by.
He mandated all local government chairmen to make sure that any where they sight any campaign bus or material belonging to anybody that INEC did not publish the name, that they should burn it down.

Governor Willie Obiano
Governor Willie Obiano

What he had in mind is UCHE EKWUNIFE , but Sir , please note that PDP are more in numbers and Anarchy is part of what they love doing, so if APGA should start burning or desecration of campaign materials , to be honest , our state will go back to the days of complete burning and looting. Pdp are not violent shy and we should not give them the matches to ignite our fuel ladden state.

I also heard that there was a standing instruction to Apga ward leaders to indoctrinate their wards to be ready anytime they see Fmr Gov Obi speaking that they should boo him .

Sir, we should understand that Gov Obi is now a federal officer and a mouth piece in a national leading party, so if such stupidity should be executed , I am sure that PDP YOUTHS may decide to answer back and then they may not limit it to Tomb Raider , they may decide to add you to the list and if it comes to that , please ask your security advisers what may be the result , having in mind how Anambra was before Okwute calmed to to ice water.
Sir, you are the chief security of the state and I beg you do not allow somebody to come and set your state on fire , the kind of political plots that is going round now , especially centered around ANAMBRA CENTRAL terrifying to say the least.

Finally , I learn that APGA were mobilised to throw water on Gov Obi and boo him today during the presidential campaign kick off at onuicha, I only pray it doesn’t happen because Mr President will not find it funny and I am sure presidential security will do what they have to do for fear of the life of the president and his team.
Thanks for acting fast.

Mazi Odera


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