As an authorized scholar of ‘Gen. Ojukwu As An Institution’, I had an unlimited access into his Enugu underground Library. Ojukwu routinely kept encyclopedic volumes of what he labeled ‘Power Brokers of Nigeria’, and Senator David Mark is one of his admirers.As we already know,Ojukwu was unapologetic about his admiration for David Mark. In this sense, I would rather borrow from Ojukwu’s words:

On Quote:

?I?m an unabashed admirer of David Mark for many reasons: He is the Intellectual Leader of the Senate. He is one of the few political heroes of the time ? because he has mastered the cultural and political topography of Nigeria more than anyone I know. He should be better treated as the National Treasure of the Republic of Nigeria because he is politically smooth and clinical in operation.?
?The integrity of David is UNASSAIABLE because he?s gifted with extraordinary Presidential Temperaments ? that would inevitably create an era of hope for all Igbo race and the politically disenfranchised minority members of Nigeria. I therefore gave him the stigma of the Sledge Hammer ? for truth, fairness and logic. He once gave me Tutorials in Igala Dialect.? [Gen.Ojukwu 2010]
“My interest and admiration for Mark is based on the following premise:

** I have known David Mark as a humble protege of the Presidency-He works like a Trojan Horse, physically imposing, radiating with confidence and trustworthiness. He is truly, politically prodigious.”
** As a pragmatic politician,Mark would always recognize where there is Fire in the Federal System. Besides, Mark has no respect for anyone who tends to fan the flames of tribal hatred and contention”.
** David Mark’s main asset is his implacable integrity which will be difficult to match.As an effective leader,he is gifted with profound negotiating skills and has the ability to get any president’s ear”
** “As a fellow general, David is a progressive firewall who knows how to protect the interests of the disparaged and the disenfranchised fearlessly.
Despite David?s reasonable and modest demeanor, he has steel in his spine; he could browbeat any political foe that dare challenge him.?

**?I personally know David as the man with the power of ?BLACK HOLE,? if he chooses, he could swallow the entire chunks of the Legislative Agenda. I advise Nigerian politicians to see David as a Role Model for the Millennium.? And like a good general (which he is) he knows how to take care of his own. (Ojukwu Archives)



*For David Mark ? E pluribus Unum*[Gen. Ojukwu-2010-Enugu Archive/underground Library]



Chief Sylvester Obi Dikas,Ph.D
Authorized Scholar of Gen. Ojukwu As An Institution


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