Drama ensued at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, on Tuesday, when the family members of a victim of the Dana plane crash claimed that his corpse was missing from the morgue.

George Moses, a retired Assistant Comptroller of the Fire Service, died along with 152 other passengers in the June 3, 2012 Dana crash.

But Moses’ family members were at a loss when his name was not on the list of bodies ready for release following the arrival of DNA results from abroad.

Speaking to journalists, a relation of Moses’, who identified himself as Mr. Olajide, said the family had earlier identified the deceased, even before the DNA samples were taken abroad for analysis.

“After the crash, we came the following day to the mortuary to identify the body.?I entered the morgue, saw Moses? body and it was intact and he was also identified by his ID card which was in his wallet,” Olajide said.

“Professor John Obafunwa (the Chief Pathologist) brought out the list of identifiable bodies which was up to 29 names.?My uncle?s name was number 22 on the list.”

Olajide said Moses’ body was not released to them after being asked to wait for the DNA results carried out on all the crash victims.

He added that he was surprised not to find Moses’ name in the new list of bodies ready for release, as pasted at the morgue.

Last week, Obafunwa stated that 132 bodies were ready for collection, while 16 others that were badly burnt would require some more time for further procedure to be carried.

But Olajide insisted that Moses’ body could not have fallen within the category of bodies yet to be sorted out.

?I understood there were 16 bodies burnt beyond forensic analysis or some families could not show up with reference samples. But our case does not fall into any of these categories. So, where is his body?” He asked.

However, efforts to reach the hospital officials for comments were unsuccessful.

In a related development, the Nigeria Union of Journalists has announced that it has sued the hospital for the assault on a Leadership Newspaper photo journalist, Benedict Uwalaka, last week.

Uwalaka was assaulted by officials of the morgue last week, on allegations that he attempted to take pictures of the remains of the crash victims.

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