However, a news item captioned “NPP Organiser Denies Arrest” (see Daily Guide, 6th October, 2017, page 15) written by the paper’s Kumasi reporter, I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr. was not only skewed to favor one particular person but also fell short of Daily Guide’s reputation.

Did Mr.Awuah make due diligence on this case before getting it published?

Did he consult Manasseh Azure who first broke the news?

Did he consult Erasmus Donkor who broke the said item for Joy News?

I can confidently tell Mr Awuah that I have the name of the CID Officer handling the case at the Tafo Divisional Police Command.

Mr. Awuah has the opportunity to redeem his image (and that of his publishers). Otherwise I will assume that he has been compromised.

This is a cheap reportage and I call on Alhaji Gomda and his entire staff to scrutinise any story brought to their domain by Mr. Joe Awuah because his credibility and that of the highly esteemed and most patronised newspaper in Ghana is at stake.

And concerning Daniel Agyenim Boateng, the least said about him the better. He has placed a shameful dent on the reputation of the Ashanti Regional NPP fratenity. How can this corrupt person be allowed to hold an NPP official position in the Ashanti Region? I have followed and intercepted the extract of his case and very soon a petition will be sent to the Regional Disciplinary Committee with all the evidence to ensure his appointment is withdrawn.

This is not witch-hunting but a move to clear the spoilt, greedy, selfish grains from the good ones who are ready to help H.E. President Akufo Addo and the NPP to succeed.

I do not bear any grudge against Mr. Agyenim Boateng for his corrupt attitude, but my checks show that he was advised by one Andy Owusu who goes about parading himself as Chairman Wontumi’s aide.

Andy Owusu has achieved a lot through dubious means: lands, two houses, three cars, building a filling station among others, all within 5 years of his association with NDP and NPP.

Andy Owusu succeeded in duping people to the tune of over GhC 10,000 with the false assurance of giving them MMDCE positions in the Ashanti Region.

During the 2012 Elections, plain T-Shirts meant to be given to the Parliamentary aspirants for free were sold by Andy Owusu who was in charge of the T-shirts at the warehouses.

Andy charged our MP aspirants GhC 1000 just to introduce them to Chairman Wontumi. These are his attributes and Daniel Agyenim Boateng had wanted to follow the same path to enrich himself but failed.

Herrrh, these people are wicked. They took advantage of the jobless situation of our grassroots members. What a shame!

Sorry to all the victims whose monies have been taken by Daniel Agyenim Boateng.

Kojo Atta

Convener, Restore Hope Watchdog.


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