Daddy Bosco

Just before News-One went to bed on Thursday evening, reports started trickling in that Daddy Bosco, the programmes director for Hitz FM, an Accra-based radio station belonging to the Multimedia Group Limited, had quit the company.Daddy Bosco, as at the time the reports reached the paper, had switched off all his mobile phones and could therefore not be reached for an explanation on why he quit the station.

Reports said Bosco’s decision to leave followed a continuous misunderstanding with the owners of the station on what to do to make it a better one with a larger listenership. Bosco, known in private life as Ahuma Ocansey, was said to have become frustrated as almost all his ideas and strategies were flung out of the window during management meetings.

Unconfirmed reports said Bosco was likely to move to Okay 101.7 FM, the second largest radio station in Accra after Peace 104.3 FM. For rather inexplicable reasons, the Multimedia Group of networks have been rocked with several resignations from some of its key staff members in recent times. Reports said the station would have an exodus of resignations in the coming months.

Bosco has over the years distinguished himself as an astute broadcast journalist who has championed the promotion of the dancehall, reggae and raga genres on music in Ghana.

Source : NewsOne


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