dblack1 D-Black Replies DJ Black D-Black Replies DJ Black dblack1

Joy FM?s DJ Black on his show over the weekend said D-Black is a terrible rapper and he is not afraid to say it.
According to him, he is one artiste he doesn?t feel in Ghana when it comes to the rap game but he likes the business side of the BET award nominee.

Few days after DJ Black made that statement, the rapper announced his new nightclub located somewhere in Accra. D-Black has some few things to say about the comment DJ Black made about him and he decided to use his Facebook page so that his over 100,000 followers could also see and read it.

D-Black says sometimes you do not need to be talented enough to be a successful person in life. He continued that PRAYER, HARDWORK and DEDICATION also counts a lot.

Sometimes talent alone isn?t enough.. Prayer x Hardwork x Dedication ?#?PHD?.
the sooner U focus on being the greatest you can be whilst you?re young the better. Life is a journey taken once only. Don?t wait till it?s too late then U start becoming bitter! Go for the jugular now

SOURCE: Omgghana


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