Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an indispensible strategy to build up and maintain online presence. The reason why it has become such an elevated topic is because websites, on average, are acquiring more than half of their traffic via search engines.

Getting a large number of visitors each day naturally results in a greater potential for growth, but this is something that can only be achieved through a meticulous understanding of how search engines work.

That’s why businesses globally, in their quest for SEO friendly web designs, are getting a move on towards SEO web design companies. Studies reveal that a well-done SEO friendly web design simply has no match in ensuring that a website holds high rankings on the search engine results page.

Here is a closer look at some of the hottest but utilitarian trends in SEO friendly web development and website design services:

Designing to Instill Emotion

This strategy aims to imprint emotions on users as opposed to simply bombarding them with text and information.

Users that are emotionally invested in a website are more likely to share it with others, participate, remain loyal and browse more pages. Emotive web designing therefore is the strongest precursor to designing SEO friendly websites.

Visual Incentives

Sites have been offering users virtual incentives such as points and badges to stimulate user involvement.

However, it’s not enough just to have this kind of a feature on your site without actually getting any user appreciation. These incentives should be designed in a way that is visually striking and appealing, so much so that users wouldn’t mind displaying your brand on their personal sites. This can create amazing awareness about your brand.

Memorable Infographics

Build compelling infographics into your SEO friendly web design. This encourages user sharing over and beyond the expected. If your images are I interesting/entertaining/memorable, the likelihood that they will be shared around shoots up almost instantly.

Illustration-based Design

Using this technique makes your SEO friendly web design appear simple and entertaining for your user groups. Ensuring that your website is easy to use and convenient will increase the demographic to which the site appeals and is accessible to. This would swell up on-site visitors –a factor Google ranks very dearly—and your site gets rewarded with higher search engine rankings.

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