The Kwaebibirem District Chief Executive (DCE,) Mr. Reginald Emmanuel Aboagye Osae, has hinted that the Eastern Regional Women?s Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Madam Evelyn Korang, and the party?s parliamentary candidate for Kade, Mr. George Agyemang Duah, would soon be summoned by the leadership of the party to explain why they are consistently harassing and accusing him (Osae) of undermining the party in the constituency.

According to Mr. Osae, he has already lodged a complaint with the National Security Advisor, Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah; the Eastern Regional Minister, Mr. Victor Smith, and; the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Baba Jamal, on the diabolical plan by the two NDC gurus to create disaffection for him, but now feels he must summon them before the party leadership.

Speaking in an interview with Today, Mr. Osae challenged his critics to report him to the leadership of NDC if they have a scintilla of evidence to substantiate their claim that he (Osae) is undermining the party?s parliamentary candidate, Mr. Duah, and other party faithful(s) in the constituency.

??Since I lost the party?s parliamentary primary to Mr. Duah last September, not been on good terms with most party executives and sympathizers in the constituency, and that has divided the party membership.

Mr. Osae told Today that some constituency and branch executives sent a petition to the General Secretary of the NDC in Accra, and stated in it that ?the Honourable [DCE] seems not to have come to terms with himself after losing the parliamentary primary election, and has not been cooperating with the parliamentary candidate.?

He said, according to the petitioners, he (the DCE) has divided the ranks of the party in Kade by his deliberate exclusion of majority of party executives in all matters pertaining to the operations of the party.

According to him, the petition intimated that apparently worried by the development, the constituency executives invited him (DCE) to a meeting to complain about his refusal to involve them in party matters, but he told them? that he only deals with the constituency chairman, and that it is not his business if the chairman fails to disseminate information to them.

The District Chief Executive was also accused of aiding his nephew to send the party to court over chairs and canopies he had hired for use during the parliamentary primary election held last September.

The DCE, the petition further stated, has been cruel to some party members whom he suspects were not in his camp during the parliamentary primary.

In a sharp rebuttal, the DCE described all the allegations as ?baseless and lacking credibility.?

He said all his life he has been amiable to all people in the district irrespective of their political affiliation.

He said: ?Anybody who has evidence that I have breached those objects and values of the Constitution and the NDC should make a report against me to the leadership or police so I can have my day in Court, instead of attacking my person without any evidence whatsoever.?

Mr. Osae denied the allegation that he is aiding his nephew to put the party before court over chairs and canopies the party hired.

During the NDC parliamentary primary, according to him, Mr. Duah and him rented canopy and chairs from his (Osae?s) sister, but after the event he (Mr. Duah) persistently failed to settle his part of the cost.

Mr. Osae said his sister made numerous calls to Mr Duah to pay for the rented logistics, but he failed to comply compelling his sister to threaten legal action against him.

Mr. Osae called on the people to disregard the cries of critics calling from his transfer to the newly-created Denkyembour on claims that he hails from Apinamang in the Denkyembour district and has a more pleasant relationship with Denkyembour party officials.

The DCE averred that the allegation is a clear concoction intended to create disaffection for him and his party (the NDC.)  ?This is a total lie. I have been at Kade all my life and I only visit Apinamang to attend funerals,? he affirmed.


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