The CPP’s Election 2016 Manifesto on sports made available to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, intends encouraging every community to have locations where they can enjoy and actively participate in sports.

To address the current problem of excessive focus on football at the expense of other sports, The CPP said, they would consider putting professional and amateur football under separate autonomous bodies.


The CPP manifesto added that “All non-football sports will remain under the Ministry of Sports to ensure that they get the attention that has been denied them over the years”.

The CPP has promised to provide enough sporting facilities at the local and national levels, to facilitate the development of sports at both amateur and professional levels, adding that, appropriate laws will be enacted to ensure that such infrastructure is provided as an integral part of socio-economic development.

The CPP has also said that they would set up a tertiary institution of international standing for the study and teaching of sports, in addition to specialised sports medicine.

“Active participation in sports should develop healthy culture to enhance a sense of community and to reduce the incidence of ailments arising from lack of physical activity”. The manifesto stated.

The publication of the CPP manifesto is captured under the “GNA Tracks Election 2016 Project”, being funded by GOIL, the foremost indigenous oil marketing company and CIMG 2015 Petroleum Company of the year.

The project seeks to sensitize the electorate on the various issues raised by political parties, the elections management body and other governance institutions.

It aims at ensuring gender and social inclusion in national politics and to provide voice for the youth, vulnerable groups, opinion leaders and the broader spectrum of the society and to contribute to the achievement of peaceful polls.

Another objective of the project is to create a platform to dissect the manifestoes of all political parties and provide in-depth analysis of each thematic area to the electorate to enable them to make an informed judgment.

Source: GNA/


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