The CPP charged the municipal Street’s of Temale when it had it congress yesterday. The whole of Northern region was painted with the colors of the CPP, the slogan “CPP, all the way” was on the lips of many both old and young and I believe this congress will be talked about for weeks.

wpid-CPP.jpgThe message from the chair and leader Hon Samia Yaba Nkrumah was excellent and on point , it was a message of hope, encouragement and uniting. She charged the atmosphere when she thanked the northern region for giving us the only parliamentary seat we have and charged them to make it four. The chooooooooo boooi!! From the youth that came with the request shows the will of the youth to do more than she asked for.

Sitting at the back seat and observing things I heard other regions regions challenging themselves to organize their congress better than northern region. I laughed in excitement knowing very well that, the Northern region has set a good pace for other regions to wake up from their slumber and get the wheel of Nkrumaism taking its rightful place.

The much talked about was the busing and bribing of delegates to vote for a certain candidate by the General Secretary of the party Ivor Green Street. Delegates were angry and punished those candidates on whose behalf those bribes were being paid by voting against those candidates severely.

This has shown that indeed the time we all yearned for when delegates can no longer be bribed into making decisions that don’t help the party has come to stay and the practice of monecracy in the CPP is dead and gone . Now delegates of the CPP wants to align with people who preach unity and way forward for the party just like what the chair and leader Hon Samia Yaba Nkrumah, prof Edmond Delle and Dr Abu Sakara showed at the Congress.

The one amazing thing is that this congress was a youth driven one, most of the delegates were well educated youth, who are willing to do everything for the party. They talked about the disappointment of the NDC government, the dumsor and the untold hardships that has bedeviled this country and prayed that the CPP elects a competent Northerner who will deprive John Mahama the current president of Ghana who is from the region.


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