The culture of sleeping on the job awaiting tragedies before harsh decisions are made has suddenly become the new language for government institutions.


The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) mandated to safeguard our democracy has been inactive for decades and only returns to the airwaves during polling days.
Our society has lost it patriotism and that is as a result of the NCCE?s failure to embark on educational campaigns.
The fundamental principle that underpins the Commission?s establishment was to educate Ghanaians on the constitutional provisions and work hand in hand with the Electoral Commission of the republic to ensure the citizens are engaged during and after elections.
The NCCE has failed to do the checks and balances in its duty as the sole constitutional instructor of Ghana. As a result of these deficiencies the Electoral Commission has also taken advantage to commit illegality against the citizens due to lack of supervision and proper cohesion between the two bodies.
COYLIB have followed NCCE with keen interest and we strongly oppose their attitudinal bureaucracy, timings, preparations and posture taken towards crucial election years.
The three arms of government have collapsed; the traditional rulers have thrown away the values, ethics, and conventional status including the very culture that makes us proud Ghanaians.
We want to indicate that the Commission?s semi-activeness during polling days is a worrying trend for majority of the population since most of the materials and information passed during the specified period are not well disseminated and further updated to a vast section of the public.
The Commission is well placed with powers devoted to its office to execute, create and sustain awareness among Ghanaians about the constitution and encourage the citizens to defend the constitution at all times but NCCE is doing nothing to zero to help majority of Ghanaians in terms of their messages, outreach and activities.
According to findings of a recent survey published in April 2015 by the NCCE, Ghanaians do not trust their members of parliament since majority of them seek their parochial interest instead of their constituents.
It is an undeniable fact that lack of willingness to educate and sensitize the public has also led to parliamentarians abusing their office.
COYLIB believes strongly that the Commission is to blame for such inconsistency and lack of proper channels to engage the populace relating to civic rights and responsibilities as citizens.
We are calling on the leadership of NCCE to wake up and bring a sense of refreshness by developing proper and effective channels in their mode of operation.



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