Quintiles has been recognized for its pioneering work creating big data solutions that help pharmaceutical organizations improve their probability of success throughout the drug development process, with a Computerworld Data+ Editor?s Choice Award for its Quintiles Infosario? platform.

“The drug development process is predicated upon the availability of high quality data with which to collaborate and make informed decisions at every step of the way during the evolution of a product or treatment,” said Quintiles Chief Information Officer Richard Thomas. “We are delighted to receive this award which highlights the work of our outstanding team of dedicated professionals, partners and customers who all contributed in the development of technologies that power our Quintiles Infosario platform.”

Quintiles Infosario is an end-to-end suite of technologies that power the pharmaceutical product development process. Making innovative use of advances in big data technologies, Infosario is able to break down silos combining massive quantities of scientific and operational data collected during clinical development with tens of millions of real-world patient medical records and population data. Empowering researchers and drug developers with the knowledge locked in this data improves decision making, and ultimately increases the probability of success at every step in a product?s lifecycle.

Computerworld?s Data+ awards recognize the very best projects that illustrate how big data can be mined and analyzed to predict trends and improve the probability of success. Honorees are being recognized in the August 26th issue of?Computerworld, on Computerworld.com and at Computerworld?s 2013 Data+ conference.

?The organizations honored in this year?s Data+ Editor?s Choice awards program have unearthed the business value that?s rooted throughout big data,? said Scot Finnie, editor in chief,Computerworld. ?The projects spotlighted are tapping into big data to analyze and influence customer behavior, drive new business revenues and predict future trends. Each of the organizations is raising our understanding of big data to new levels, while at the same time opening the door for other organizations to follow their lead. It?s an exciting time in the big data field.??(BUSINESS WIRE)


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