Cloud Computing is service provided by a host computer over the internet and it could be related to a assistance associated with Software, Computing Platform and Infrastructure. Since, an internet is represented as a cloud in a computer flowchart, the term Cloud Computing got its nomenclature.

In general, Cloud based computing is not a free package and is offered with a price tag, which can depend on the minute based or on the hourly based utilization. The whole service is offered in a managed way and with significant innovations in computing distribution and hence it provides a clear price justification.

Cloud computing service can be in a public platform, which is done using the internet and is available to everyone. A Private cloud is an administrator related network or a data storage center that presents hosted services, to a specified group.

Whatever, may be the network service, the focus of cloud computing concept is to offer IT related service with easy provision and scalable access.

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Cloud Computing Types

Cloud Computing as a Platform Service- A software related or a product development based tool is hosted on a host infrastructure, and when applications allow the users to access the tool, over the internet, it is concluded as a Platform service in computing through Cloud. The best example is Google Apps. It must be noted that, the software’s created by the cloud users, will not allow, alterations in the actual host provider’s software.

Software based Cloud Computing- When hardware is available through a vendor, the software, to run the hardware is hosted by the hardware company, in its server.

The access for the software is offered as a cloud and hence the interaction with the user is commuted. The user’s access to the cloud is free, while the hardware vendor is made to shell out few bucks to utilize the cloud computing technology.

Infrastructure computing via Cloud- nowadays, virtual server services, like Amazon are offering the configurations and access points to the virtual servers and also the related storage solutions. For an enterprise addition, the cloud computing service is offered, as per the capacity and the service is being utilized. Since, this pay according to the use, resembles the platonic form representing electricity bill, fuel bill and so on; it is also known as Utility Computing.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud Computing services are ubiquitous as they can be accessed from anywhere via Internet.The need for advanced hardware will be cut down, as the Computing service via a cloud; will be providing all the needs, through a remote computer.Need for software licenses will come down, as the computer applications, can be accessed as a metered service.Cloud computing also cuts down costs for purchasing servers and will also reduce the need for digital storage devices as the cloud can carry the whole storage of data.IT support need, will also be hindered as the computing via a cloud; will streamline the theory of saving a lot to the firms, by reducing the head count in Information Technology division.Grid computing is also achieved through cloud and is often utilized by the researchers in the scientific field.


As new innovations are being achieved in this Cloud Computing technology, the apprehensions related to Sustainability, legality, Compliance, Abuse, privacy and security is catching up with the development. Conversely, with certain principles being executed, the trepidation is being distilled.

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