While it is true that advances in technology and automation made housework and many other activities of daily life easier – people seem to be busier than ever.  The modern world became the era of over-booked work calendars, ringing and beeping cell phones and drive-thru food bites. In these times of impelled motion towards progress, individuals should regress a bit, stop, and learn to send Say it with Style egreetings if they cannot pay personal visits to their loved ones.  

If you are one of those “crazy busy” people, consider using the internet instead to reconnect with the people you love.  Time is short.  Do not let your work and career get between you and your family and friends.  You can always connect with them just to say hi with a stylish ecard.  You can make them know that in spite of your success and your heavy workloads; you remember and value your family and friends.  It will not take a few moments to send thank you cards online.

The gesture will not only make the recipient of your egreetings cheerful, it will loosen you up and de-stress your life because while you are sending your egreetings and thank you cards, you will surely smile in fond remembrance of happy times.

Decades ago, people lived serene, relaxed lives -writing letters, calling on neighbors for tea, visiting friends and family on weekends and just enjoying nature’s blessings and the beauty of the countryside.  People in today’s global corporate world cannot do most of these things anymore; but individuals can always just say hi with a stylish ecard and bring back fond remembrance of people they have lost contact with because of distance or because of work schedules. 

The modern world in many metropolitan cities is exemplified by individuals that are so energetic but also living lives that are so hectic.  People bustle about as if there is no tomorrow, driven by the demands of commerce and industry with no time to relax and to personally connect with families.  While it is true that infrastructure and transportation made travelling easier and communications easier, these same developments made individuals more accessible to the daily demands of their offices, work and industry. Globalization means that people work 24/7.  While New Yorkers and Londoners are supposed to be asleep, Asians and South American offices are still open and might want to talk about pressing problems.

A cell phone may ring while a child is blowing the 7 candles on her birthday cake, bringing news or things that require immediate attention.  It is not a rare occurrence that the modern parent, uncle or a grandparent wants to throw away that wondrous new gadget out the window. With this thought in mind, peers in the corporate world should remember their colleagues by sending corporate cards. The gesture will help cement professional relationships and yet lend the business relationship a more personal flavor.

Whatever your role is in this hectic, harried pace we call our modern existence, you should remember that there are also ultra modern ways and means to connect with loved ones or with peers and associates.  Do not forget to take the time to just say hi with a stylish ecard.  You can send egreetings, thank you cards, Christmas ecards and corporate cards and all types of electronic cards with excellent graphics and personal messages that modern technologies make possible.

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