Awulae Annor Adjei III, Omanhene of Jomoro Traditional Area

After declaring war against his neighbours and threatening to make them pay dearly for supporting the re-location of a proposed gas plant from his area, the Omanhene of Jomoro Traditional Area, Awulae Annor Adjei III, has this time around issued death threats against a personality to his subjects.

The death threats are not against the inhabitants of Ellembelle, but aimed at the chief of the Half-Assin suburb of Kabina-Suazo, Nana KabinaTindinle II, and his subjects. And his reason for issuing the threats is that Nana Tindinle and his people defied his (Awulae Annor’s) orders.

Awulae Annor’s anger, Today gathered, stems from the fact that the Kabina-Suazo regent has consistently refused to support his (Awulae Annor’s) plans to thwart the situation of the gas project in a location away from his traditional area.

It would be recalled that the Omanhene of Jomoro Traditional Area in the Western Region was up in arms against national administration for proposing to establish the gas plant at Domunli-Bonyele in the Jomoro District, and then deciding later to re-locate it to Atuabo in the Ellembele District.

Since President J. E. A. Mills announced the re-location of the project, the Omanhene is reported to have taken to doing everything in his power to sabotage it.

In a recent tape recording intercepted by this reporter, some residents at Kabina-Suazo state clearly that although they were initially against the decision to re-locate the project to another district, they do not support the Omanhene’s misconduct, which, they contend, is gradually giving Jomoro and Nzema a bad name.

According to the residents of Kabina-Suazo, claims by their own Omanhene and his cohorts that they would make the area an annex of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria are unhealthy and unpardonable.  They swore those claims will not see the light of day.

The chief of Kabina-Suazo and some of the residents also dared the Omanhene to carry out his threat to mobilise his Asafo (war group) to beat up and torment the citizens of Kabina-Suazo.

They also remained adamant stressing to remain neutral, disassociating themselves from the negative intentions and remarks of their Omanhene.

“We the people of Kabina-Suazo will continue to support any good [programme] that is brought to us, but [we] will not countenance one person’s selfish agenda,” said Nana Kaku, a spokesperson for the Kabina-Suazo regent.

Nana Kaku said that during a recent town hall meeting the Omanhene was called to react to allegations against their chief made at a press conference addressed by Awulea Annor Adjei III in Takoradi, Western Region.

At that press conference Awulae Annor accused Nana Tindinle of attempts to sell 100 acres of land to the Member of Parliament for Ellembelle, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah.

“We wish to state categorically that Nana KabinaTindinle II has never made any attempt to sell any parcel of land to Mr. Buah,” Nana Kaku asserted and challenged Awulea Annor to substantiate his claim.

Today has picked up comments from town folk claiming they will celebrate next month’s Kabina Suazo Awuya festival in honour of Dr. Buah, who they claim is a hero of Nzema and an asset to the nation.

However, a credible source close to the palace of the Omanhene has disclosed hints of imminent bloody showdown if that intended hounouring takes place.

“I was very shocked when a message was delivered to the people cautioning them to be careful of their stance at celebrating their annual festival in… honour of Mr. Kofi Buah,” the source added.

Concerned sources appealed to authorities in the region to, as a matter of urgency, call Awulea Annor Adjei III to order.

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