CHANETA Acting Secretary General, Rose Mkisi

Mwakitalu will lead other instructors from IFNA during the seminar aimed at imparting knowledge of new rules and regulations for netball introduced early this year to coaches and players.

The netball association (CHANETA) acting secretary general, Rose Mkisi, said Mwakitalu, who is also the vice-chairman of the international tournament organising committee, has been appointed on the basis of merit.

She said the presence of Mwakitalu in the list of the instructors is good news to the country as he will be able to relate well with local representatives of the conference.

Mwakilatu’s services were utilised when the country hosted the maiden international netball tournament at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam in 2009.

The new rules will be expected to be in operation when the country will host the international netball championship slated for May 8.

Some of the changes include having a one minute interval at half time, while in the past there was no interval, and during all the intervals substitutions and/or team changes may be made.

Commenting on the preparations for the tournament, Mkisi said the home team is currently attending residential training at Filbert Bayi Secondary School in Kibaha and is responding well to instructions.

She also disclosed that the main organizing committee of the tournament wanted to have eight teams at the tournament but due to overwhelm response they agreed to have additional four.

She declined to name the line up of the expected teams taking a pause for at least a week.

Mkisi concluded by admitting that some firms and individuals are responding well in supporting the tournament.

By Joseph Mchekadona, The Guardian


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