For the umpteenth time the media has been awash with the news of a stream said to have potent powers for healing in Amaeke Nachi in Udi council of Enugu State. But it was regrettable that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), South-East chapter, instead of waiting to find things about the stream that could help humanity, was quick to warn pilgrims to the water to be very careful of water spirit, a point that buttressed its propaganda mechanism to soil the minds of those who might have found the water more powerful than most of the people parading theirselves as men of God, even when they do not hear from that God.?

healingriverEnuguIn a report that was credited to one Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma supposedly mentioned as the Chairman of the South-East chapter of CAN, was too hasty to condemn the water, because it was not founded in Europe. If it was founded in any other country that is not in Africa, the likes of Chukwuma would have been the first to lead a delegation to the site and report home of ?how it was written that there shall spring up such a stream.?

Not surprised about the likes of the bigoted-Christian Chukwu against anything that has an aboriginal root on Igbo, he did not see ?water spirit? when a group from Nigeria recently visited Jerusalem and knelt before a wailing wall and were praying and also crying like the wall. For those who call anything Igbo/African demonic, should hear this from Naiwu Osahon, the Spiritual Prince of the African race; Divine Prince of Goddess Ma’at; Khu Mku (leader) Pan-African Movement worldwide. Ma’at: the Spirituality of the African race, and have a twinge of mind.

Osahon would say: ?Christians wear medals, crosses, crucifixes, rosaries, and other objects of their religion as pendants; eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus in Holy communion; wrap psalms in pouches, or scapular charms made from pieces of cloth, to carry about on their bodies on in their vehicles as talisman; sprinkle blood of Jesus all over the place or drink it to ward off evil forces; put bibles under pillows, and crosses on their walls, for protection; kneel before priests and ‘fetishly’ stuffed altars in supplication; retreat regularly for vigils to pray and chant endlessly, clutching rosaries, pendants and other religious symbols, to their ancestors, (saints, Jesus, Yahweh etc); go on pilgrimages to their holy lands to touch and kiss stones, walls or worship rivers and mountains. When African traditional faith followers such as Sango, Yemoja and Amadioha adherents do similar things for their deities, they are described as being fetish. Both are into base witchcraft rituals, the difference is that while one relies on artificial or man-made objects (such as bread, wine and rosaries), the other uses natural elements, pleasing to and recognized by the Gods and we all know who is more potent??

Chukwuma did not see the mystery but only ?water spirit? in the revelation reportedly that the stream once dried (that was in 1992) and started flowing about two-weeks ago, after 22years. Chukwuma did not see this as a miracle, because it?s not the much hyped River Jordan that is not upto the measurement of a stream, but was tagged a river by the (mis)translators of the bible.

CAN and the likes of Chukwuma should stop discrediting the Amaeke Nachi healing water. Has anybody come to them that he or she has be stroke by anything from the stream? CAN should also know that the mystery in the Christian water baptism is not far from the fact that man is made up of 70% water. They should also know that water Baptism was a ritual that those before Christ were partaking in and seemingly came he was initiated in that order, which is beyond the likes of Chukwuma and his CAN.

Enough of Church and its agents, demonising everything that was once working for Ndigbo. Enough should be enough!!!


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